all who wander are not lost

January 27, 2016

Hike 23

Started the day with a stack of waffles.  A good warm breakfast before crosschecking our gear is always a good idea.

 Met Duane in the parking lot near the ORV trailhead shortly after 8:00 AM. We waited and discussed the weather, nuclear energy, and his Now dear departed truck.

at 8:30 we piled into my truck and made our Way to the intersection of the NCT and cinder hill Rd.

Our snowshoes sunk into the snow yet kept us 5 or 6 inches aloft the ground, leaving the truck behind amid the buzzing snowmobiles we set out.  Duane constantly taking photos and me taking photos of he taking photos we made our way meandering through the snow covered branches.
Our conversation died as it left us as the fresh virgin snow absorbed all sound around us and we heard nothing but the whipping wind far above in the treetops and the occasional whine of an engine in the distance.
Linus broke trail for us for the first half mile or so and exhausted plopped down for a rest and we took a photo op.  shortly thereafter Duane plopped down on accident because his snowshoes were less familiar to him than his feet.IMG_20160123_093046612_HDR
Picking our way along the trail relying heavily on the blue blazes we found them often snow covered or difficult to pick out and at one point we completely lost the trail in a section that badly needs re-blazing.
Once we reached Whispering pines drive we took a selfie because that’s just what you do these days…right?
We stopped at Bocook rd to have lunch, Linus and I had Cheese and Crackers and I had a Frosted Gingerbread Cliff bar (which by the way is very, very good) and Duane had some bars of the Cliff variety.
By this point, I had stripped and stowed my outer layer
as we proceeded into a section that I had re-blazed i constantly pointed out to Duane my handiwork until we came across one blaze that someone was unhappy with.IMG_20160123_123628181_HDR
Shortly thereafter when crossing a snowmobile trail, we stopped for a drink of water and heard voices.  Coming up the trail behind us we saw Bill and Bob Courtois.  We chatted a bit and they commented on how nicely we had broken trail for them.  We graciously allowed them to lead and those guys can move, that or we were tired.
bobbillThey had left their car near the Scholl Rd Trail Crossing.
We ventured on through the snow until we crossed a Snowmobile Highway, Knowing we were nearly back we trudged on to the car.  We drove back to the truck and took our funny hats picture.
funny hats
Oh another Duane fall:
Wanderlust: 4.8 Miles
Daydreaming: 5 Hours 38 Minutes
Fauna:  Homo Sapiens on Snowmobiles and on Snowshoes
Coffee: 0 OZ WUT?!?
Party: 3-5
NCT 2016 Miles Hiked:  9.9
January 02, 2016

the no snowshoe hike

Dad planed us to go to a part of the N.C.T trail today on the first of January. We did go but I usually attempt to sleep on the way. I actually stayed up and listened to the (to me) hilarious pod-casts that my dad plays. When we got there dad, as always told mom to take a picture of me and him. When we started out I was in front but dad wanted me in back so that if he dropped any thing I could pick it up and give it to him. We saw a turkey flying, who see turkeys fly it was me and dads first time seeing one . It was about 3.8 miles we hiked but to me it seemed forever. I was saved by the pod-casts dad played.