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January 27, 2016

The snowshoe hike


Unabridged…unedited…little dude

Me, my dad, and Mr. Duane where on a hike that we used snowshoes. I started out in the front ,but my shins where hurting a lot but I didn’t tell them later. I soon was at the back of the group. It was a lot easer at the back than in the front because I could literally fallow in . Mr. Duane s or my dads footsteps. I got a good break of lying down because my dad was talking to Mr. Duane about something. After we took our half hike break we meet some nice people that where following us and my dad made a joke that the people where hiking after us so that they could go on already hiked on trails. We made the people go ahead of us so that they cleared the way for us to go. They left at the next road and we kept going. We came to a open area that snowmobiles drove around like crazy. We decided that we would go to the road that lead to the spot that Mr. Duane owned.  

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